providing excellent care for all patients with kidney and associated diseases.

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Dr. Atul D Sajgure has an experience as Nephrologists. He’s also a Kidney Transplantation Surgery specialist. He provides his patients with the best and accurate treatments at afforsdable prices and focuses on making each of your valuable visits satisfactory.

He believes in providing best treatments with the latest technology and machinery that is updated continuously.

I am a nephrologist is a physician who specializes in the care and treatment of kidney disease. Nephrology requires additional training to become an expert with advanced skills. Nephrologists may provide care to people without kidney problems and may work in general/internal medicine, transplant .


Kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation is the treatment
procedure of choice for various patients
with end stage renal ailment by..

Nephrology Services

Patients with all types of kidney (renal) and hypertension-relateddisorders receive advanced, comprehensive and compassionate care.


The choice between hemo or peritoneal dialysis
is influenced by a number of considerations such
as availablity…

Transplant services

Transplant surgery is typically done to replace a

diseased body part with a healthy one.

Home Dialysis Treatment

A tiny synthetic catheter is placed in the
patient stomach by an easy surgery. The
patient with his assistants…

Renal Replacement Therapy

It is normally required when approximately

90% or more of kidney function is lost.



We provide our patients with the best evidenced based Medical Care. We seek to understand the needs of our patients then provide them with the information and medical resources to optimize their quality of life.


We seek to understand the needs of our patients and their families, and provide them with empathetic support.


We say what we believe, and do what we say we will do. We strive for alignment in commitments and actions.